The Smiling Homeschooler Podcast

Episode 2 - Home Is The Best Place For Your Children

August 15, 2018

Thanks for listening to Episode 2 of The Smiling Homeschooler. We answered some listener questions and started the first part of a 4-week series about the "Why" of homeschooling. 

The listener questions we answer are; 

What are some tips for transitioning into college? - Cheryl Wise 

How do you encourage friends who want to quit homeschooling? - Jeanine Feldkamp 

How do you integrate different aged kids?  

I am one of those uptight moms who is trying to reform. haha, Your devotional helps. I also have a child that has trouble in math - big trouble like can't remember how to read a clock and still does math facts on her fingers. The concept of money he can get but if we don't review is every day, he forgets and we start from square one. He can not do fractions or decimals and in 8th grade can't conquer 5th-grade math. My question is how do you graduate a child like that? They can't meet the state requirements for a diploma. GED? Help, please. Thanks a mom


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